March 10, 2013

Ikebukuro Hatsu, Zensekai Yuki! - 05

Wait, what?
Oooh, look! Finally a release after a whole month and a half!

So here's chapter 5 and this is the last chapter of the volume. Sorry for it being so late, it was internship season (for programmers) and I was hoping to get one this summer... Too bad I didn't get anything so now I'll have to spend summer with a crappy office job making little money, :(.

There's still an omake left (it's pretty lewd) so I'll try to get that out within a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, I won't be able to start on volume 2 because there aren't any available raws around yet (or maybe there are and I haven't been looking hard enough). I do have the actual volume on my bookshelf and volume 3 is on its way. However, I don't dig ripping my manga apart to scan so we'll have to wait! Volume 2 is incredibly lewd, mind you.

Some notes:
  • Redraws, REDRAWS and I probably didn't do a very good job on some of them
  • Still changing fonts but I think I found the perfect set (hopefully)
  • At some point, Hinari mentions rock and paper. It's basically like black and white and for those who don't know what that is, the back of your hand is black while your palm is white. A good game for deciding teams (usually). As far as the translation is concerned, the game she actually mentions is where you hold a fist out or your spread out palm so I didn't have a good name for it. The word is グーパー and if you have a good translation for it, let me know and I'll change it. Same goes for 忌み名 and 真名.
  • All those white spots you sometimes see in the black areas happen to be part of the original tank so I left them there (weird).
  • Wataru's da best.
Without further ado, here is chapter 5.