March 8, 2014

New Project: D-Frag! by Tomoya Haruno

Oh, a new project!
New project by yours truly.

Why am I picking this up and why did I drop Ikebukuro?

Just because. Renzokusei's doing Ikebukuro now anyway, so you can enjoy their releases. I'll be providing the RAWs of course.

Anyway, the reason why I picked up D-Frag! was that the current released chapters (on Batoto anyways) aren't very... good, so to speak. Not to say I'd be a lot better but I think I could provide a more archive-able release at the very least (as far as English is concerned). So that said, cleans and translations are done by me. I know D-Frag! is pretty popular on /a/ and I found that some of the lines done by the current group are quite golden so I very well may end up using theirs (obviously after I check if it's accurate or not) should I get to whatever chapter they belong to.

I'll be doing this at my own pace so it'll be a looooong time before I ever get caught up to the current chapter. Feel free to point out any errors or mistakes, I'll release a fixed version as soon as I can (the goal was to make the release an archive-able release, remember?).

This will give a good reason to follow the series from the beginning again. Maybe.

And before you go accusing me of steal--uh, yeah, just kidding.

Without further ado, here's the first chapter.