December 26, 2013

Ikebukuro Status

So I haven't done crap for the past three months, what with school keeping me busy and job interviews and the like.

Honestly, with how long it's been since the last release, it might as well be considered as dropped and I even went through the trouble of buying two copies of each volume! Well, regardless, if anyone wants to continue the series, they can go ahead. I'd like to think I'll keep going with the releases but I'm probably the last person you'd want to hear about these kinds of promises. I'm bad at keeping them.

So all in all, I do (read: want to) plan to finish the series but who knows how long that'll be. I'm too swamped with just doing stuff (that and me sitting around doing nothing doesn't help either). I'll be graduating soon and I have a few interviews coming up so maybe I'll have some time in a couple weeks, month, or who knows how long.

Anyway, if someone's going to pick Ikebukuro up, I guess I could provide raws. Maybe.

In any case, don't keep your hopes of regarding any more releases. Maybe. I should probably at least finish volume 2.

I'll be back one day.