January 13, 2013

Ikebukuro Hatsu, Zensekai Yuki! - 03

This took longer than it should have.

Some notes:

-Regarding Kirigamine's speech, she talks pretty funky so I tried my best to keep it in a way that reflects the way she speaks. Somewhat archaic and rigid.

-Some of the redraws were literally drawn from my imagination so excuse me on that.

-I planned on doing the poster but then I got lazy. See below on this

-I plan on doing the released chapters over again some day for QUALITY purposes so that means I might end up doing the SFX and other things I missed.

-Release was particularly slow because school started and I have a career fair to get ready for in a week. So yeah, chapter 4 might take quite a bit as well.

-Hinari's cute as fuck.

Anyway, here you go.

Chapter 03