July 19, 2013

Ikebukuro Hatsu, Zensekai Yuki! - 08

H-He released something!?
Hey folks, it's time for the next chapter, read ahead for additional notes, the link, and sad news.

Again, another three weeks for another release, at this rate we'll never catch up, right!?

Nope. Unfortunately, Ikebukuro has ended its serialization and is complete at 4 volumes. Yeah, yeah, in addition to this, Tokage no Ou also ended which was another series Kamishiki was an artist for.

So basically, our Ikebukuro days are numbered, but I will try to see if I can at least finish volume 3 before summer is over, who'd knew I'd be so busy?

I am also attempting to get my hands on the three special bonuses for ordering volume 4 from Tora no Ana, Gamers, and COMIC ZIN. That's going to be absurdly expensive. Not to mention I might want to buy volumes 2 and 3 again for bookshelf purposes since I ripped out the ones I have now.

In case you wanted to see what those glorious special bonuses were, look here. Seriously, my dick money! And yes, Hinari looks really good in a wedding dress.

Notes for the chapter:
  • Show and tell was a weird TL, the actual meaning meant "bring something in" so I TL'd it accordingly, not sure if it was a good fit though.
  • Redrawing tones is the worst thing ever.
  • Wataru is cute.
Without further ado, here is Chapter 08, two more chapters until the end of volume 2.

P.S. Did I mention Ikebukuro is official over? ;_;